Watch Jeff Grosso’s Last Episode of Love Letters to Skateboarding

It’s one last chance to spend time with Grosso

Jeff Grosso was one of the foremost champions of skateboarding in his life. Sadly, the skater and video producer passed away in 2020 when he was only 51 years old. For many years, Grosso was sponsored by Vans, who also produced Love Letters to Skateboarding, the video series that Grosso hosted.

It was a great show for people who are enthusiastic about skating, and it will be missed. However, while Grosso is no longer with us, there is one last episode of Love Letters to Skateboarding to watch. Grosso went to Japan to spend 40 minutes covering all sorts of aspects of the Japanese skating landscape, which can be viewed above.

His enthusiasm for skateboarding is clear. It’s also clear why Love Letters to Skateboarding was no successful. Fortunately, this is a fitting send off to Grosso. R.I.P.

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