Compilation Of Famous Muirlands Stairset

20 + years of Skateboarding history at this spot

Shieldlessmag has taken the time to make a compilation dedicated to the famous Muirlands Stairset, where countless bangas have been put down, with everything from NBD’s ABDs and even a Chris Cole leg splitter. Take a look at some of the gnarliest tricks to ever go down at this legendary spot located in La Jolla Middle School - San Diego, CA.

Hit the Instagram link and join us on a time warp as we get familiar with what kind of legendary tricks have been challenged and eventually conquered at this iconic stair set in SD.



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It’s hard to select just a couple of clips that stand out because there are so many clips that are gold dust in this montage. However, there are a couple that will get their honourable mention.

A personal favorite had to be the kickflip crook done by Henry Gartland, and it was a beast; he did it flawlessly with undeniable style! RIP Henry.

The iconic frontside flip by Andrew Reynolds will forever be a staple in skateboarding history.

The kickflip 50 by Forest Edwards is also up there just because of his fuck you attitude and the way he does it so cocky. Forest is an absolute machine. You gotta love him.

Alex Willms then sets the bar with his rare trick choice… A perfectly done Bennet grind down that rail is insane! Your special bar has to be full for a chance to land this one, and you would need to be 100% committed to sticking it.



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