TR7 Indoor Skatepark Relocation Seeks Crowdfunding Support

A bigger, inclusive skatepark.

Newquay's popular TR7 Skatepark is set to undergo a major expansion and relocation to Roche, Cornwall. The skateboarding community is being called upon to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign that aims to fund the project.

Since its establishment in 2020, TR7 Skatepark has become a go-to spot for skateboarders from Cornwall and beyond. However, due to increasing demand and the sport's rising popularity, the current facility has become too small to accommodate the growing number of skaters.

To address this issue, TR7 Skatepark is looking to raise £30,000 through crowdfunding. The funds will be used to build a larger and more inclusive skatepark, acquire necessary equipment, implement safety measures, and support outreach programs.

By supporting the campaign, backers will contribute to the growth and development of the skateboarding community in Cornwall. Additionally, the project aims to reduce its environmental impact by promoting eco-friendly transportation and community engagement.



Various rewards are being offered to those who contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, ranging from meals for two to custom-made surfboards.

The relocation of TR7 Skatepark and the creation of an enhanced indoor facility in Roche, Cornwall, will provide skateboarders of all ages and skill levels with a better space to practice and connect.

To learn more about the project and contribute to the crowdfunding campaign. Help make a difference in the Cornwall skateboarding scene and support the TR7 Indoor Skatepark relocation.


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