Tony's Honor for Suicide Prevention

Kurt Cobain's honor for his Would-Have-Been 56th Birthday

February 20th would have marked Nirvana's Kurt Cobain's 56th birthday, and Tony Hawk has something unique to share with all his friends. On this particular day, Tony Hawk is set to unveil the famous board once owned by the Nirvana's artist. This board is extra special since he bought the piece at auction in which the board has a hand-painted Iron Maiden tribute to the former artist.

This iconic board is created by SIMS Skateboards, created explicitly by Jeff Phillips. Phillips was a remarkable skateboarder who sadly also committed suicide on Christmas Day in 1993. Surprisingly this day is only just three months before the Nirvana Legend also committed suicide. However, in the wake of the two legends, and also in honor of suicide prevention, Tony Hawk has something special planned for Cobain's 56th birthday on February 20th.



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Specifically, Tony has stated on his Instagram: "I bought this skateboard at an auction last year. It is an original Jeff Phillips model, hand painted by Kurt Cobain in 1985. Two icons that had immense influence on their respective fields, both of whom passed away tragically and much too young. I even tracked down the original owner to understand its provenance. With the incomparable help of @dupedupe, we are hoping to make something good of this acquisition by raising awareness for emotional health, and to help provide resources for those who are struggling mentally. More to come on February 20th (Kurt's birthday).' Our little group has always been, and always will until the end" 

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