Tony Hawk Stars in a New Olympics Commercial

We’re hyped enough to watch it 900 times

Look, Tony Hawk isn’t a stranger to doing ads. If you live in the United States you can currently see him in commercials for Subway. He’s the biggest skateboarder to ever live, and simply one of the most-famous athletes today. It makes sense that people would want him in their ads. Given that, it’s a pretty big coup that Hawk is starring in a new ad for the Summer Olympics. To celebrate the addition of skateboarding to the Olympics none other than the Birdman himself is showing up to help get people excited. Oh, and he’s joined by Nyjah Huston. We don’t think we’re being too bold to say that Huston could soon overtake Hawk as the most-famous skater in the United States, if not the world. See Hawk and Huston skating in Los Angeles to promote the Summer Olympics in the video above.

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