Nyjah Huston Unveils New Skateboarding Brand

Welcome to Disorder

It was big news in the skateboarding world back in January when Nyjah Huston left Element. Huston is one of the biggest names in skateboarding, and as a favorite to win a medal at the Olympics could be about to come even bigger. It seems the skater is ready to bet on himself, because after leaving Element he has launched his own skateboard brand. We wrote about him teasing this a little while ago, but now it has come to fruition. Huston has dropped Disorder Skateboards on us. He’s not merely a member of the team anymore. Huston is the brand, and the brand is Huston.

We are in the early days of the 26-year-old’s new company Disorder, so there is a long way for him to go. Plus, you know, he’s probably a bit focused on Tokyo right now. Still, this is big for Huston, and for skateboarding. We’re excited to see where this goes. Check out the intro video above.

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