Meet the Canadian Olympic Skate Team

Oh, Canada!

Look, we’re excited for skateboarding at the Olympics. It’s cool! Not everybody skateboards for the sporting competition of it all, but some of the elite skaters in the world do, and it’s awesome to see them on one of the biggest global sporting events there is. Given that, we’re eating up any Olympic skating stuff we can find.

Recently we showed you the video introducing the U.S. Olympic skateboarding team. Now, CBC (Canada’s answer to the BBC) has released a video to introduce their country (and people on YouTube) to the Canadian skateboarding squad. At the Winter Olympics, Canadian athletes are often favorites. Just try and beat those Canadian ladies at hockey! The summer, though? That’s not always Canada’s thing. Still, the skaters showcased in this video will try and make it a great Canadian summer. Stock up on Tim Horton’s Timbits to celebrate, everybody!

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