Tonqart the 3D animator

The artist who recreates skate clips into 3D animation

Tonq is a freelance 3D animator based in Salisbury, England. Tonq had recently taken the internet by storm with his latest masterpiece. Two eye-catching humanoid figures made up of what seems to be streaking bits of paper or a ribbon-like material that performs insanely realistic-looking vert sequences.

The varial heelflip fs grabs are so good-looking that it's impossible to ignore. You soon realize you've watched it five times over already, and many of you should recognize this ramp and the style of the tricks as it is, in fact, Eliot Sloan laying down them hammers! He recreates existing clips using 3D art to create simulated characters. Tonq also makes sure to tag all the skaters from where he has used their footage as inspiration.



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If you want to learn how to use the programs he uses and want to get into making 3D art yourself, Tonq offers an online course; there, he offers you some training and insight into how he creates his art and what you can do to become a 3D artist.

Ckeck out Tonq's Teaching Course here.


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