The Nine Club Returns with Tony Ferguson on Stop & Chat

The man behind Rone has plenty to say about skating

We have noted several of the lengthy interviews the folks at The Nine Club have been doing with skaters on Stop & Chat. It’s been a nice way to pass some time during these tumultuous moments. However, the tumult of a pandemic did not spare the Stop & Chat crew. Some in the circles of The Nine Club tested positive for COVID-19, and when that happened they made the decision to put the show on hiatus until the picture was clearer and everything felt safer. Stop & Chat is now back with its first episode since the hiatus, and the show has Tony Ferguson for a guest.

Ferguson is a fine guest for a show like this, and a great way to ease everybody back into the routine. The man who founded Rone (and once lived with Eric Koston) has a long career to chat about. He talks about some of his tricks, his career decisions, and filming skits for companies like Girl and Chocolate. All in all, it’s almost two hours of chat. We wish the best of health to the folks at The Nine Club, and you can check out this video above.

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