Mikey Taylor stops for a chat with The Nine Club

And he has a lot of financial advice for you. Really.

It’s time to pay another visit to The Nine Club’s skateboarding podcast Stop and Chat, which they started during when the pandemic began and, well, they are still doing it. When it comes to getting meaty, lengthy chats with skaters, nothing has beaten The Nine Club’s show. In the most-recent episode, Chris Roberts talked with Mikey Taylor. Taylor is no longer skating professionally, but he’s still involved in skating, including with his brand SOVRN boards. He’s got a lot more going for him, including real estate development.

We’re serious. A lot of Taylor’s chat is actually about finances. He seems to feel that skaters need some advice for how to manage their money. According to him, a lot of skaters are living paycheck to paycheck, and the ones who aren’t probably aren’t using a CPA like they should be. You know, skaters are often outsiders or rebels, but they still need to handle their cash like everybody else. If you want to hear about Taylor’s skating career, but also get some good financial advice, check out the chat above.

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