The Latest Beagle Tape Brings Us Classic Eric Koston and Chad Muska

Let’s travel back in time with these legends!

Legendary skateboarding filmer Beagle has been giving us a lot of blasts from the past in recent months. He has an extensive collection of tapes and recordings from his lengthy career, many of which feature the biggest names in skating. The latest edition of the Beagle Tapes is no different. It’s not as far of a trip into the past of some of the others, it’s “only” from 2006, but it stars a couple of major skating legends in Eric Koston and Chad Muska.

The video features raw footage of the two skating in Los Angeles almost 15 years ago. This includes Muska doing a 50-50 grind on the 101 freeway. It’s quite the sight to behold, even now. Are you looking for a little trip down memory lane, or if you are young enough a trip to a time you don’t even remember? Then check out what Beagle has in store for you above. We’re glad to kept all this stuff around.

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