Dose of London: We Hang Out With a Local Crew

City Center Street Spots

Two weeks back, we linked up with London skateboarding filmer, Milan Stolper (23), and his crew made up of Joshua Mason, Jack McDonah, Miko Peller, and Craig Tinsley. Milan's been lensing all the content on Hop King's YouTube channel for a year and a half solid. If continuity is key then the success of the channel is without doubt down to regular disciplined seshs with all riders present. No easy achievement once Milan starts listing everyone's schedules.  

We wanted to find out more. For starters, how the riders, who all rep Hop King's indoor park (except for Craig, who's just visiting from Canada, recently joining) have become such a legit unit.  No messing, we met up at Swiss Cottage open space for a chill warm-up sesh before pushing into the city.

Kicking off the vid, Milan drops a proper crew introduction offering valuable insights into their lifestyle and the challenges of balancing work life and skateboarding. It doesn't take long to realize these homies all got mad dreams, battling it out daily to land clips. The countless hours of blood, sweat and mb tears together have bonded them, with arms cast in plaster and their constant piss-taking a testament to all that.

With sun rays for days in the capital, Milan goes into tech mode about filming skateboarding and even mentions his upcoming part with Jamie Griffin (released yesterday). It was a wild day, a wild crew. Don't sleep on this vid, go give it a watch!

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