Jamie Griffin’s “SLAINTE” Video

Hop King releases Jamie Griffin full part, now playing on Youtube

As most of you know, Jamie Griffin is a scientist when it comes to flatground. But he puts his technical skills to the test in his newest video released by Hop King, which is full of quick-footed lines and a ton of 'NBD’s!'
And no, not on flat ground but on well-respected street spots and done properly.

As Griffin’s part starts to unwind, it’s not hard to tell that he’s put a lot of work into it and as the footage just goes to show, most of the tricks that he’s throwing down are not ones you see every day, especially down such legit spots. The final trick was off its tits! Done at the famous London Bridge 10 stair, this is one for the history books and it's safe to say that nobody will be going there to try that same trick anytime soon.



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It is always cool to see Griffin doing these kinds of crazy tricks on flat, but to see him get buck with them in the street is a whole different thing. Griffin’s part was filmed over a 2-year period mostly in and around London, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Geneva.

Filmed and edited by: Milan Stolper.
Additional Filming by: Jonny Giger, Jake Powell, Rudy De La Torre and Stephan Estrada.


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