Santa Cruz Kicks Off a New Series with Jake Wooten

Find out what the new pro is riding

Give Santa Cruz credit. They may be the oldest active skateboarding hardgoods company in the United States, but they have embraced the internet with aplomb. It feels like they put out more videos – and have more ongoing series – than any other skating company. In fact, they’ve just begun a whole new series. It’s called What I’m Riding, and as you might expect it goes into the specs of their teams’ skateboard preferences. First up is Jake Wooten, who has only been pro for a couple months. Want to find out about Wooten’s hardware? Now you can. They really get both nitty and gritty in this video, which will hopefully continue to be the case. In fact, Wooten even goes into his graphics preferences and his whole aesthetic setup. What’s Wooten riding? Find out by watching the video above.

Like we said, Santa Cruz is the oldest operating hardgoods company in the U.S. Now, though, you can buy their stuff in their online store. The future is here!

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