Watch Santa Cruz’s Last Trip Before Lockdown

It was a simpler world full of skating fun.

Do you remember the before times? When you could travel willy-nilly and you and your skating friends could head out together with your boards and have fun. Those days will happen again soon, but here’s a video from before the United States started to get shut down. The Santa Cruz team likes to take trips. Before they all had to lock down, a handful of their skaters went down to Tampa, Florida to have some fun. Oh, and to do some work, because they filmed some of Til the End Vol. 5 down there. Hey, they are professional skaters. Some of what they do is technically their profession. Nice work if you can get it! It is going to be a while before we see a video from Santa Cruz or any other American brand that feels like this. It’s a glimpse of a world we haven’t seen in a while. See Santa Cruz’s last trip (for now) in the video above.

You can still fulfill your skateboarding needs with the United States’ oldest hardgoods company Santa Cruz.

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