Santa Cruz Celebrates Their 50th Screaming Vlog

And they do it from San Francisco

Week in and week out Santa Cruz skateboards hit people with their Screaming Vlog series. It’s basically a running diary, of the video variety, for the brand. Part travelogue, part showcase of skateboarding skills, you can always count on Screaming Vlog to show up for your viewing pleasure in a given week, though like many vlogs its maybe a bit shaggier than a lot of tightly-edited internet videos. Since they do this every week, we at Dose don’t necessarily feel the need to highlight every one of these vlogs, no matter how much they scream.

This week, though, they hit a milestone with the 50th episode of the series. For the occasion, stars of the show Kevin Braun and Jereme Knibbs are in San Francisco, a great city for skateboarding. All those hills give you the perfect chance for some killer hill bombs. Congrats on 50 episodes, guys. Check out the adventures in the video above.

Santa Cruz has been making hard goods since basically every skater alive was born. Peruse their offerings on their website.

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