Santa Cruz Puts Blake Johnson’s Deck to the Test

How does it stand up to the product challenge?

You wouldn’t want to see a wolf at the beach, especially if you have a pack of hot dogs in a cooler. You know that a wolf would sniff those bad boys out. However, we feel differently about Blake Johnson’s “Beach Wolf” pro model deck. With artwork from the artist known as “Tallboy,” the “Beach Wolf” definitely draws the eye. The deck also got put through the wringer by Santa Cruz in their latest Product Challenge video. Sized 8.375’’ by 32’’ with a wide 14.5’’ wheelbase that provides added stability, Johnson’s deck is fitted out with some impressive hardware for the occasion.

You can check out all the specs in the description for the video. As per usual, Santa Cruz’s brand manager puts the board through its paces with a few different challenges. It’s where fans of tech specs and fans of skateboarding tricks can both enjoy themselves. Watch it in the video above.

Want your own “Beach Wolf” deck? You can find it here.

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