RVCA Takes a Trip to New York

Skateboarding is back on the move

Many of the world’s best skateboarders made the trip to Tokyo for the Olympics this month. Fortunately, with the help of vaccinations and proper health precautions people, including skaters, are able to travel a bit now safely. Like all of us, the crew at RVCA were left unable to trek the globe or hit some of the hottest cities for skateboarding. Those days are in the past now. A handful of RVCA’s skate team recently took a trip to New York City to reacquaint themselves with all the great skate spots that city has to offer. Zach Allen, Curren Caples, Donta Hill, Kevin Long, and Mark Suciu made sure to visit the spots you expect when skateboarders are in the Big Apple. We’re sure RVCA was happy to be able to travel for skateboarding again, and we’re happy we get to watch the results of that trip in the video above.

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