Andrew Reynolds Goes Deep on Skateboarding in New Interview

The legend has a lot of thoughts on his life’s passion

Andrew Reynolds is one of the icons of skating. That’s what happens when you’ve been a known name since at least the late ‘90s. We’ve been talking about Reynolds as skating fans for 20 years at this point. There are pro skaters who haven’t even been alive that entire time! That’s not depressing at all! Fortunately, the elder skatesman of boarding is still enthused about the sport, and recently he talked to RVCA about his thoughts on the subject that has been near and dear to his heart for years at this point.

It seems like Reynolds has thought a lot about skateboarding and its place in the world, which is great. When somebody like him talks, people tend to listen. Even though this Q&A video is not quite five minutes long, there’s still a ton of gold to be mined from it. He talks about everything from his own beginnings in skating as a kid to why he thinks it can be beneficial to children of today. If you want to get Reynolds’ insights and have him impart some hard-earned wisdom on you, this short little talk is a great place to start. Here’s hoping he’s still around espousing his feelings on skating in another decade.

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