The Top 5 Most Influential Skate Shoes Ever!

Leaving their mark on the sport and inspiring future designs

We've compiled a list of the top five most influential skate shoes that have defined the streets and shaped the way we ride. Let's jump into the world of footwear that has left an indelible mark on the skateboarding scene!

Vans Old Skool: The OG Classic

If you're talking skate shoes, you can't ignore the Vans Old Skool. This legendary shoe, born in the '70s, kick-started the skate revolution. Its low-top silhouette, durable canvas and suede construction, and sticky rubber waffle sole provided the perfect blend of style, comfort, and grip. With skaters like Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta rocking the Old Skools, it became the ultimate symbol of skate culture, establishing Vans as an iconic skate shoe brand.


Nike SB Dunk: From Hoops to Ramps

Nike took the sneaker world by storm when they dropped the Nike SB Dunk in the early 2000s. This shoe was the epitome of crossover cool, transitioning from basketball courts to skate parks with ease. With a thickly padded tongue and collar, Zoom Air cushioning, and grippy outsole, the Dunk offered unparalleled support and impact protection. Collaborations with skateboarding icons like Lance Mountain and Paul Rodriguez only solidified the Dunk's status as a must-have for skaters worldwide.


Emerica Reynolds 3: The Emerica Legacy

Designed in collaboration with skateboarding legend Andrew Reynolds, the Emerica Reynolds 3 is a shoe that oozes style and function. The Reynolds 3 boasts a slim profile, high-quality suede or leather upper, and a flexible yet supportive cupsole. This combination of features provides optimal board feel and control, allowing riders to push their limits. Reynolds' influence on the design process ensured that the shoe reflected the needs of skaters, making it a true game-changer in the industry.


DC Lynx: Tech and Toughness

When it comes to the marriage of tech and toughness, the DC Lynx is king. Introduced in the late '90s, this shoe featured innovative features like Super Suede, a durable and abrasion-resistant material that stood up to the rigors of skateboarding. The Lynx also incorporated DC's patented airbag technology, providing superior impact protection during big drops and landings. This shoe was a game-changer in terms of durability and cushioning, earning its spot on our list.


Adidas Superstar: Classic Style, Skate Substance

Hailing from the world of basketball, the Adidas Superstar made a bold entry into skateboarding history. Its iconic shell toe design, coupled with a grippy rubber outsole, made it a favorite among skaters seeking style and performance. The Superstar's low-top silhouette and sturdy construction provided excellent board feel and control. Skaters like Kareem Campbell and Mark Gonzales put the Superstar on the map, proving that a classic shoe could hold its own in the skate world.


These five influential skate shoes have paved the way for generations of skaters, leaving their mark on the sport and inspiring future designs. From the Vans Old Skool's timeless appeal to the innovative features of the DC Lynx, these shoes embody the essence of skateboarding culture. So, whether you're rocking some classic Old Skools or testing out the latest Nike SB Dunks, remember to keep shredding.

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