Emerica Footwear Proudly Presents The All-New Shake Junt x Emerica Collection

A fire edit from their Texas tour.

Emerica footwear and Shake Junt Griptape have joined forces on tour and brought us some new and exciting gear! In the video released onto YouTube by Emerica, the opening scene shows a close-up of a dope-looking Emerica x Shake Junt logo printed on a plain white tee that's fluttering in front of the camera lens as we are welcomed by the dope sounds of Lil Randy, followed by Tommy Wright III. Luckily for our viewing and listening pleasure, the team made a quick visit to the infamous "Screwdio," made famous by the one and only DJ Screw long enough for Beagle to record a mix tape!



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Riders from the team start throwing down some heavy yet technical tricks, and it's in slow motion, which just adds to the mood of the mix tape. After a bunch of incredible footage from each rider; Kevin "Spanky" Long, Jon Dickson, Justin "Figgy" Figueroa, Julian Davidson, and Jordan Powell. Jon Dickson heroically closes the video with a mega switch flip into one of most fucked up ATX's ditch spots.

One YouTuber commented, "When Beagle and Shane work on a project together, they never miss. This was great."

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