Nyjah Huston Explains How He Tore His ACL

His first ever serious injury

While going into detail, Nyjah talks about the bail that caused his injury, which is currently preventing him from competing and filming any clips for a few months. However, with the heaps of footage he pumped out this year, it's hard to tell! There are some of the most insane handrails done in any video part, and we are in 2022, so that's saying something, alright. But then again… It is Nyjah.

And YES! He's certainly hungry for a comeback. Taking time off from skating is not what he's about. But not being able to skate flat ground or even cruise around is what's cutting him deep. This is amazingly the first time that Nyjah has even sustained such an injury. When you consider the type of spots he's throwing himself down, impossible to believe this is his first time dealing with such a setback.

With a bit of progress each day, Nyjah talks about going to Physical Therapy 'religiously' in order to get back in shape and in the streets' sending it.

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