Watch Nyjah Huston’s Highlights From SLS’ Stop in SLC

Some sweet tricks from the Salt Lake

Street League Skateboarding is back! It opened up its 2021 season in Salt Lake City, it’s first event since the COVID-19 pandemic starting to shut things down around the globe. The winner at the event was Gustavo Ribeiro, but he wasn’t the only big name in skateboarding there. Nyjah Huston took part in the SLS event from SLC as well. Huston went into the Summer Olympics in Tokyo as one of the big stars, and admittedly when he didn’t come home with a medal it was a bit of a letdown. That being said, he’s still one of the best skateboarders in the world. This compilation of his best tricks from Salt Lake City put together by Street League Skateboarding is proof of that. You know you’re one of the biggest things in skateboarding when you don’t even win an event but they give you a highlight video anyway. Check it out above.

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