Neulich Bier Bänke Jam!

Sun, beer, music and Bänkelife

On Sunday, Berlin locals were finally blessed with the warm sunrays beaming down on Bänke, good weather, positive energy, and the supporters of the event are what undoubtedly put the energy not just into the event, but back into the spot altogether. That was long overdue.



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Banke is the staple of the Berlin skateboarding scene, or at least it used to be. Nowadays, it seems to be almost forgotten about. Very few people go there with the intention to skate or hang out anymore. It's become more of a spot for the stragglers and pickpockets. But all that changed on the weekend, and we were delighted to see some well-known faces reappear since the spot got less popular.



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With Berlin finally seeing some of the best weather of the year so far, it only seemed right to get involved in the first outdoor contest/event of 2023! Neulich showed their love and support for the skate scene by pulling their crew together and organizing this special event; they loaded up the Neulich van with the typical ‘skate jam essentials’ and then headed down to Warschauer to make sure we all had an eventful day filled with laughs and good vibes!


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