Mark Gonzalez has Written a Book

And it features some beautiful skate photography

There aren’t many books about skateboarding, but you know what would be even more wild? An art book about skating. Guess what? Sure a book exists! It’s simply called Mark Gonzalez, which is fitting because its author, and subject, is Mark Gonzalez.

The 52-year-old Gonzalez, currently with Adidas Skateboarding, has been in the game for a long time. As in, he first appeared on the cover of Thrasher back when he was 16. He’s a living legend in the world of skating. The Gonz is considered one of the founding fathers of street skating, and some consider him the most-influential skater of all-time. He’s also an artist himself, and his skating and artistic sides are both represented in Mark Gonzalez.

Since this is an art book, it’s heavy on the photography, which was provided by Sem Rubio. Gonzalez and Rubio have been working together for over a decade, so they are a perfect pairing for a project like this. That’s not all! The book also features contributions from artist Tom Sachs, musician Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Gus Van Zant, the director of films such as Good Will Hunting. It’s quite the collaboration. You can find out more about the book at the publisher Rizzoli New York’s website. The Gonz has done so much over the years. Now he’s brought us perhaps the most-artsy book about skating ever.


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