Livin’ The California Dream: Minna Stess

What’s it like being 16 and a world-renowned female skater?

California is known for sunshine, waves, and Minna Stess's stomping grounds.

At 16 years old, Stess is dominating the skate scene; in 2021, she won #1 in the USA's skateboarding's youngest national champion ever, is an alternate for the USA's Olympic skateboarding team, and plans to go for gold at the 2024 Olympic games in Paris, France.



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Her earliest memories involve being on a board and seeming to be the only girl to compete in a local competition. This isolation from being the only girl found at these competitions urged Stess to be better and show her peers she competed with who's boss. Born in a small Californian town, she grew up skating alongside her brother. The other Stess sibling, Finnley, was a significant influence in skating, always cheering her on and supporting her.

Before Stess was 10, she had already found herself on podiums and skating more significant scale competitions, such as Vans girls Combi Classic, rather than the local competitions she was familiarized with. So while many of us were still learning how to tie our shoes, Stess had already competed in pro women's competitions and traveled around the globe to compete. 

At 16 years old, Stess has competed in several globally renowned skateboarding competitions, from placing 4th in Summer X 2021 to USA's national championships. Talk about a life-changing year.



Being steezy like Stess doesn't go unrecognized. She has been featured by several media outlets, celebrating her accomplishments at a young age. Stess continues to defy many barriers previously felt in the skating community. Being a teenage female successful skater, she proves no matter what people think, if you have that dedication and determination keep pushing. 

According to this California native's Insta @Minnastess, Stess continues to compete in many California-based competitions, is teaming up with skate brands in partnerships, and is shredding as usual.

With everything happening in her life, she continues to be a regular teenager who hangs out with her friends on the weekend… and trains for the Olympics on the following Monday.



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