Tanner Van Vark Visits a California DIY Spot

It’s always cool to check out some DIY action

Skateparks are great, and the more of them the better, but there’s still something about a DIY spot that sparks excitement in many a skater. It’s the skateboarding equivalent of sandlot baseball (though nobody made a terrible movie about DIY skate spots in the ‘90s that a lot of Millennials are inexplicably fond of). Recently, REALSkateboards team member Tanner Van Vark paid a visit to the T-Street Ditch DIY spot in Riverside, California. Now, this is maybe a more cultivated DIY spot than most, but it’s still about skateboarders making an effort to find a spot and hone it until it’s a perfect place for skaters looking to get off the beaten path. Of course, Van Vark could make any skate spot pop. Check it out above.

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