Bordeaux’s Full Of Boards: A Skater’s Paradise

One of the most skate friendly cities, located in Southwestern France

Well, the South of France is renowned for its history, culture, wine, and breathtaking views, and now you can add skateboarding to that list too.

The scene is picturesque, the settings are incredible—what a place to skate, like the Garonne River. There is so much to explore in this French landscape. Yet, pro-skater Leo Valls has been honing his skills in a variety of historic French cities for over 15 years. Leo has coined the term 'skateurbanism,' signifying the council's integration of skateboarding into public spaces rather than prohibiting it.



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Consequently, skateboarding contributes significantly to the cultural fabric of a town or city, with inclusivity and togetherness at its core. It's evident why cities are starting to embrace this culture, providing the youth with an engaging activity that not only entertains but also keeps them out of trouble.

In a recent interview, Leo expressed, 'They thought skateboarding could be banned, but it cannot. It's too free to be banned.' He went on to say, 'Yes, skateboarding is loud, and it may seem dangerous, but it's profoundly positive for the city. It serves as a social activity for kids and is safe when practiced in public spaces.' Leo's impact extends beyond the skating community, reaching a wider audience.



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A multinational sport that consistently explores new frontiers and destinations. With tourism thriving in Bordeaux and drawing visitors from Brazil, Japan, America, and the UK, this trend not only diversifies the city's cultural landscape but also contributes to a unique form of tourism that boosts the local economy.

Bordeaux is emerging as the latest hotspot, making it a tempting destination for a visit, especially during the scorching summer months!


DOSE's YouTube channel has more Bordeaux with French skater Stellio:

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