Kevin “Spanky” Long On Creating Skateboarding Videos

An inside look at his overall process

So, basically, Kevin "Spanky" Long is into making dope skateboarding vids. He's not a pro editor or nothing, but he's been doing it so much that he's got his own way of spicing up those raw phone clips.



Sometimes, he'll see something rad and it's like he gets this vision in his head of how to make it into an even sicker vid. And then he'll explain the whole process to anyone who asks. Now, he's not using any fancy editing software, just a janky old program he uses to mess around with his friends' photos. He takes screenshots of the video frames and then Photoshops each one to make a frame-by-frame animation. Then he throws them all together in a video editor, speeds it up, adds some sick sound effects, and boom! You got yourself a dope skate vid.

A cool commentary from how the sausage is made per sei with skateboarding videos. Here goes to show you don't need to be over specific or trained to do them, hardest part is to go ahead and start making one. So, go ahead and start taping!


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