Christopher Hiett takes on LA's New Skate Park & Pump Track

The park is filled with obstacles, bumps, and a variety of riding terrains

Nka Vids Skateboarding recently released a  new video on YouTube featuring a brand new skate park in LA. In the video, Nigel Alexander from Nka Vids and Christopher Hiett explore the park and share their excitement about its massive size and unique design. The skate park is described as being as big as a football field and is touted as the only one of its kind in Los Angeles.

The video begins with Nigel explaining that he stumbled upon the park by chance, after meeting a stranger at Venice Park who told him about its recent completion. The skate park is said to be so new that it had just been finished the day before filming. The excitement and anticipation in the air is palpable as Nigel and Christopher Hiett approach the park.

As they enter the park, they cannot contain their amazement at the sheer size and complexity of the skate park. Nigel describes it as "gnarly" and "insane", with Christopher adding that it is "so good". They marvel at the fact that such a huge and impressive skate park could exist in the middle of LA.

The park is made up of two main areas, one of which is smaller and has trees in between. The other is much larger and has a couple of bump gaps. The smaller area is described as having good shade, while the larger area has more bumps and is said to be the perfect place to warm up.

Throughout the video, Nigel and Christopher take turns skating on the park's various features, with Nka Vids offering some tips and advice on how to skate certain parts. They mention that the park is made of asphalt and suggest that wheels that are soft would be perfect for it.

Towards the end of the video, Nigel and Christopher talk about how they cannot wait for the park to open officially so that they can bring their friends and film more videos there. The video ends with some impressive footage of Nigel and Christopher skating the park's various features.

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