Kareem Campbell Talks the Axion Relaunch on His Show

There are big things afoot for the footwear brand

It’s been a big year for Kareem Campbell, which is saying things given what a legend he is in skating and has been for years. He got a lot of love in June when Chad Muska declined to be enshrined in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, asking for Campbell to get the nod instead. Then, it was unveiled that Campbell is involved with the relaunch of the Axion brand. We wrote about that relaunch when the first shoe drop happened, and that one sold out in the blink of an eye. That was only the beginning for Axion, and Campbell, though. Campbell discussed that a bit recently on his own YouTube Show.

If you are a regular watcher of The Ghetto Bird Show – which Campbell co-hosts with Rob Cahill on a weekly basis, you already heard the news. If not, though, you are in for a treat. This episode, the fourth in the show’s run, is the first since Axion Footwear reemerged. Campbell seems hyped about that, and he drops a lot of news on us. It includes plans for future designs, news about team riders, and even more. If you are excited about Axion, or just want to know what Campbell is up to, then check out the fourth episode of The Ghetto Bird Show above.

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