If The Sensation Dies, Does The Love And Passion Die Too?

Karl Berglind looks forward to what’s next

A sombre situation for sure and the question remains. If the sensation dies does the love and passion die too, in what we do? 

@karlberglind (Instagram) gives his take on the situation he is facing with his skating career. In reluctance, he took to Instagram to express how his skating career is taking a toll on him, not physically as it does all of us, but emotionally and mentally in a negative light. 



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He states, "skating is not very fun anymore or has been for years. It's been something I feel obligated to do." Skating is a form of expression; we lose ourselves on the board, and when that freedom of expression is taken, we all know we don't skate the same. This freedom is often taken from the injuries we face, but in Karl's case, it's himself, his inner being, not finding the same release he once got from skating.

Going onto explain, "this summer I started feeling more and more anxious by the day and I wasn't sure why... my body would ache from stress and emotions, but I kept going." Sometimes in life, we do what we have to do, not want to do, which is a prime case of that. Yet, we must listen to ourselves when our body and mind send specific signals to let us know something isn't right. 

Which led to Karl admitting on Instagram that "I got severely depressed and pretty much lost my will to keep going." This led Karl to realize that continuing as a pro skater wasn't sustainable for him due to his circumstances. 



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Although, at the end of every tunnel, there is light. The latter of the Instagram post goes on to show his gratitude towards his sponsors and everyone he worked with in his career. 

To answer the titled question. It may, but in this case, Karl's passion continues in a different way. He says he is "very happy and proud of my decision and looking forward to what's next." 

Some doors close to open others. Hats off to @karlberglind for his bravery in voicing his trials over social media. 

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