‘Hawk vs Wolf’ Celebrates its 100th Episode With Andrew Reynolds

The Baker boss has a lot to say

If you were unaware, Tony Hawk, the icon of skateboarding, has a podcast/YouTube show with Jason Reynolds, the mercurial Australian skateboarder. It’s called Hawk vs. Wolf, and they talk to an assortment of folks, though usually through the lens of skating. The show just released its 100th episode, a milestone even for podcasts. For the occasion, another legendary skater joins the two to chat.



Andrew Reynolds is a well-known name in skating. He’s now the sole owner of Baker Skateboards, and he also one of the skaters in the very first Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game. Now, he’s running a business, being a parent, and doing so much more. We figured it was worth shouting out Hawk vs. Wolf as it hits a milestone, and Reynolds is a great guest as well. 


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