Go Deep into the Life and Career of Stevie Williams

The World of X Games has released their extended cut of his story

Stevie Williams used to be an anomaly in skateboarding. Growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia, Williams was a black kid interested in skating when the sport was dominated by white folks. Undeterred, Williams would make a name for himself, first as “Lil Stevie,” and would be pivotal in building up the LOVE Park skating scene. In time, Williams would use his cache to build his DGK brand and start the “Saved by Skateboarding” program. In short, Williams has had a wild ride, and his story is well worth paying attention to. Fortunately, the World of X Games has us covered. They have released an extended cut of their “Being Stevie Williams” episode. This new cut is 45 minutes and is filled with interviews with the people who have known Williams since he was just a kid in Philly. Want to learn more about Williams? Of course you do, and you can do it right here.

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