It’s Nothing But Hits From Marquise Henry in This Video

Beatbox will be hard to beat

Late last week, DGK and Marquise Henry hit us with a surprise new video. Then again, we bet a lot of these videos are kind of a surprise in some way. That is, unless you are actively scouring the internet waiting for new videos to check out. Hey, the important thing is that you see the fun ones eventually, and Beatbox, the new video from DGK, is definitely a fun one.

We aren’t always heavy with the skate lingo here, but if you watch skate videos you likely are aware of the term “ender.” That’s what they call the big final trick you use to bring the video to, well, an end. Beatbox is basically all killer, no filler, and every trick could be an ender in most videos. The tricks are flying fast and furious from Henry. We kind of wish this run enders didn’t have to come to an end. Alas, most skate videos don’t run for infinity. So watch three minutes of great tricks from Henry above.

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