Go Behind the Scenes of Primitive’s Fourth Quarter Video

Watch Miles Silva and Robert Neal work on their parts

Primitive Skate’s Fourth Quarter full-length was a real triumph in a tough time for making skate videos. As anybody who knows skateboarding knows, the efforts that go into making a skate video shimmer are extensive and impressive. To celebrate Fourth Quarter, Primitive is releasing two “Behind the Missions” videos that take us behind the scenes. In the first part, we get to spend time with Miles Silva and Robert Neal down in Miami. The two were battling some pretty extreme heat. To hear Primitive tell it, Neal spent three days dealing with 105-degree heat just trying to nail his switch front heel. Silva didn’t have it much easier, either. It’s an interesting look at how Fourth Quarter came together, and you can check it out in the above video. Keep an eye out for the second part, which will feature Trent McClung and Giovanni Vianna

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