Curare Skateboarding - Merging Art With Skateboarding

Here we share the young story of Berlin-based Curare.

Berlin-based Curare is a skateboarding company that seeks to empower its community and invigorate its artistic roots. To them, skateboarding is an artform and the boards are the medium. Curare promotes inclusivity, self-expansion and creative passion. 

In a recent exhibit, Curare showed its potential with outstanding success.  Artists collaborated with Curare to create unique boards and the community responded enthusiastically. One did not need to be a skateboarder to marvel at the beauty of these pieces. Curare has momentum and plans to invite more artists to collaborate with them and promises complete artistic freedom. Through the sale of the artwork, Curare supports the artists. In addition, limited art prints will also be sold to further expand the artist's visibility. They hope to bring art in the public space to be skated. 

Curare is aware of our collective environmental impact and repurposes used boards. They have teamed with craftsman Jens Reuter at Skateboard Creations who turns these boards into colorful accessories.  They encourage their customers to bring in their used boards in exchange for a discount on new Curare products. 

Curare wants to make skating accessible to all. They are about community. Skating is a skill that is available to all regardless of age, sex, gender, race and ability. The company supports and hosts events that demonstrate just how powerful a diverse skateboarding community is. 

Curare promotes sport in Germany by supporting young skateboard enthusiasts. This year some of their team members qualified for the World Rookie Tour and competed against international skateboarders from Europe, Japan and South America. 
In a very exciting project, Curare collaborated with the non-profit organization Skatesencia and artist Julien Paccard. From this project, half of the profits were donated back to Skatesencia. 

Curare continues to team with other local, charitable groups for the benefit of the community. 

Curare aims to spark artistics passions and educate anyone interested in the arts. Curare sees the natural and reciprocal relationship between art and its customers. They want the skateboarding community to take ownership of their talents and culture in the hopes of empowering them to reach their full creative potential. Find out more about Curare here.


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