Middelburg's Skaters Call For Action

Save the park from the dark

Fighting for spaces is a reality that probably every skater on the planet had to face during his wheeled experience. What's happening today in Middelburg, Netherlands? Apparently the local skate community is going to loose it's happy place. The government of the city decided to shut down the local skatepark, seems like somebody hates decks and wheel typical sounds (nothing new, right?).

The new project is to create a playground for young kids (which is always a good idea), but what people are gonna loose by the other side? Middleburg's skaters have decided to actively do something in order to save the skatepark from destruction and made a petition to show the government how many people actually care about it. Currently over 5000 individuals signed it and the number is still growing up.

We can help them by signing their petition and keep this skatepark open for long time, pushing the city government to find better areas to create the playground project! We all have been kids, we all are skaters, we all want to have fun!


Ein Beitrag geteilt von WIM’S SHOTS (@wimgrafics)

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