Check Out Spencer Hamilton’s Vancouver Part

He’s a good Canadian boy through and through

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Canada but don’t like cold weather, Vancouver is probably the spot for you. Or, you know, visit in the summer. That being said, as a city out in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver manages to avoid much of the bone-chilling temperatures you find in most of the country. Of course, that doesn’t stop Spencer Hamilton from dropping some ice-cold tricks on us.

The Canadian is celebrating two years as a member of the Primitive team, and he’s marking the occasion with a part named after the city it takes place in. Filmer Chance Swainson used a VX camera to give Hamilton’s video that specific vibe they were looking for, and it panned out as far as we’re concern. It’s enough to make you exclaim, “Oh, Canada!” Watch Hamilton in his home country in the video above.

You could buy yourself some poutine, or you can buy yourself some skateboarding goods from Primitive.

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