Here are 11 Skate Videos to Watch Right Now

There’s no excuse for being bored anymore!

It’s the holiday season, but this is not your typical year. Many of us won’t be headed out to see family this season. We’ll be at home, looking to keep our Christmases merry, our Hanukkah’s happy, and the other holidays filled with joy as well. Once you’ve watched Die Hard and Gremlins, what are you going to do? Watch Home Alone? Pass. A Christmas Story? That movie is trash. How about watching some skate videos. What better way to spend time this holiday season? Skate videos are the gift that keep on giving all year ‘round.

However, there is so much skate content out there. What is a skateboarding fan to do? Fortunately, we at Dose are here for you. Sometimes having an abundance of choices can make selecting a movie to watch difficult, especially when you are trying to parse which skating videos are the cream of the crop. Dose spends all year watching skate videos. Now we can pass that knowledge on to you. Consider this a holiday gift to all you skateboard lovers from these skateboard lovers here at Dose! These are 11 of the best skate videos we found that are all free to watch on YouTube right now!

You Good?

We’ve mentioned Red Bull’s own You Good? a few times before, but that’s been while we dropped some behind-the-scenes videos and raw footage. We don’t believe we’ve ever pointed you directly toward You Good? in its full-length glory. Jamie Foy, Alex Midler, and Zion Wright all left in on the line in this video. Their final tricks have quite the reputation. Maybe you should check them out for yourselves. 

Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening

In the movie Austin Powers, Powers drops the line, “It’s my happening baby and it freaks me out!” This is a line taken from the camp classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, but in terms of happenings, the one we are most interested in is Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening. The film from Volcom is over an hour of pretty joyous skating. An international group of skaters all join forces (like a Voltron for Volcom) to create Holy Stokes!.


One last film before we go! We’re fittingly ending with an encore. Specifically, the Primitive skate video Encore. This video is absolutely jam-packed with skaters, so much so we can’t even begin to name them. Here’s something that’s cool about Encore on YouTube. If you are pressed for time, Primitive has dropped links to the time codes for every skate in the movie so that, say, you can watch Spencer Hamilton’s part then skip to Charlie Munro’s part without having to search through the full video.

Jobs? Never!!

Jim Greco is artier than a lot of folks making skate videos. The description on Jobs? Never!! describes it as being from the “mind and body” of Jim Greco. That may sound a little pretentious, but if anybody in the world of skating can justify it, that would be Greco.

The Balance of Opposites

The idea of a globe-trotting tour feels jarring in 2020, but in another way it allows us to remember a time when such a thing was possible, and a time that will come again in the future. RVCA took a trip around the United States and stopped in the Middle East and Australia for The Balance of Opposites, giving us some unusual sights in the world of skate films.

The Creature Tour Video

Who doesn’t like to watch a tour video every now and again? A couple years ago, the crew from Creature Skateboards went on a demo tour across the United States, and they captured the highs, and lows, of that experience for this video cataloging the experience. Now you can almost feel like you were there.

Skate of Mind

An international crew of skaters, led by Maxim Habanec, hit up Taipei, Bangkok, and Moscow for the making of Skate of Mind. Thailand and Russia in the same skate video? That gives you a couple very different settings for skateboarding.

For Days: Mason, Louie and Ryan

Many of us have made friends through skating. That’s definitely true for skaters Mason Silva and Louie Lopez, along with filmer Ryan Lee. This movie is about that friendship, and how three guys came up together to make an impact in the world of skateboarding. It manages to go deeper than just a bunch of cool tricks (though cool tricks are great, of course).

Natural Koncept, Steady Creepin’

Juan Pablo Velez, Carlo Carezzano, and TalKual really went all out for this video from Natural Koncept. Their sixth full-length film went all over the place. We’re talking Iceland and Cuba, Turkey and Peru, Denmark and Germany. Skating is global, but how often do we get to see edits shot down in Cuba?

Vans All The Way Down

The Vans Italy team spent 24 days traveling from the north of Italy down to the south, and they were together through it all. It’s a road trip through the boot that really brought the Italian squad for Vans closer. Oh, and they had a ton of chances to skateboard as well, of course.

Tony Hawk Breaks Down Skateboarding Movies

OK, so we’re ending with something a little different. This isn’t a skate film per se, but it is over 30 minutes of Tony Hawk, still the world’s most-famous skater, watching skateboarding scenes from movies and breaking them down. It’s fun, funny, and maybe even a little insightful. Hey, we gave you 10 skate films. Let us have a little fun on this last one!

Hopefully these movies help you make this a holiday season worth celebrating. Enjoy these skate films, and be sure to keep visiting Dose for more recommendations in the future!

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