Brandon Westgate Stops and Chats with The Nine Club

There’s a lot to cover in this wide-ranging interview

If you only think of Stephen King when you think of the state of Maine, think again. It turns out that you can be a skater and live up in the place they call “Vacationland” as well. One notable skateboarder who lives in Maine is Brandon Westgate, who recently paid a visit to The Nine Club for the latest episode of Stop and Chat. Not only does he live in Maine, but he has a cranberry farm to boot. You can’t skate in a cranberry bog, but there’s plenty of room for Westgate to roam on his board as well. The man can ollie as high as an elephant’s eye. Stop and Chat usually provides a good conversation, and it also provides some cool clips of whoever the guest is. Check out Westgate with The Nine Club above.

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