Jimmy Gorecki Stops by the Nine Club for a Chat

He’s a fashion mogul and a skater wrapped into one package

Recently, we wrote about the collaboration between Vans and JSP that pays homage to the legendary skate spot Love Park in Philadelphia. It’s not around anymore, but skaters of a certain vintage remember it fondly. One of those skaters is Jimmy Gorecki, who also happens to be the man behind JSP and the designer of the Love Park shoe collaboration. Gorecki recently stopped by The Nine Club for the latest edition of Stop and Chat. They talk fashion, naturally, because even LeBron James rocks JSP on occasion. However, Gorecki is also a skater at heart, so he can talk the talk there as well. Also, right now the YouTube videos for Stop and Chat are serving double duty as fundraisers for The Skatepark Project. That means if you click this link you can watch the video and also find a link to donate to a good cause. What are you waiting for?

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