Blake Johnson Skates and Chats with Santa Cruz

He talks specs and puts them to good use

Recently we wrote about one of Santa Cruz’s videos where they showcase some new product they are putting out and have their brand manager use the board for a few challenges. For that episode, the board they were using was the Blake Johnson Beach Wolf 2 pro model. That’s all well and good, but why not spend some time with the eponymous man behind the deck.

Johnson himself is now here to talk about what he’s riding for Santa Cruz. That includes his new Beach Wolf 2 deck, of course, but the specs go beyond that. This video also answers this question from the description on the YouTube video: “What is the sardine thing?” Now that’s grabbed the attention of some of you, right? Oh, and Johnson skates too, of course. Dig in to what Johnson is riding in the video above.

Want your own Beach Wolf 2 deck? Visit Santa Cruz’s website.

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