The Second Annual Abloh Skateboarding Invitational

Honoring Virgil Abloh's Enduring Legacy

Last December, Nike and VA Securities teamed up in Miami to throw a four-day bash celebrating Virgil Abloh's impact on art, design, and skate culture. Fueled by Abloh's design principles, the event featured exhibitions honoring the late visionary. The second annual Abloh Invitational in Miami, a collaboration with Nike, expanded on last year's success, showcasing a vibrant mix of skating, art, and culture. From freeriding to trick competitions, the event brought together skaters, artists, and cultural figures. The Invitational also dedicated a day to community programming, inspired by Virgil's open-source ethos, providing young creatives access to skate industry leaders. Leo Sandino-Taylor, Nike's VP, emphasized Abloh's ability to blend art, fashion, culture, music, and sport. The event celebrated this fusion, inviting new generations to carry forth Virgil's legacy. The release of new Off-White™ x Nike Terra Forma kicks and apparel added an extra layer of excitement. The Abloh Skateboarding Invitational not only honors Virgil but also emphasizes community, creativity, and inclusivity in skateboarding. It embodies collaboration and inspiration, reflecting Virgil Abloh's enduring influence.

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