A New Movie Explores How Skateboarding Became an Olympic Sport

Plus surfing and climbing for good measure

Over the years, the sports included in Olympic competition have fluctuated. They used to have tug of war and polo and also had an art competition. Yeah, the Olympics have been pretty bizarre at times. Although, Great Britain might argue otherwise. They won five Tug of War medals, after all. A few new sports are headed to the Olympics, and personally we’re more into them than, say, “water motorsports,” which was an event in 1908. We’ve talked a lot about how skateboarding is an Olympic sport now. However, this year they are also adding surfing and sport climbing. A lot of skaters are also surfers, so this is a big Olympics for Southern Californians we bet.

The Olympics have produced a full-on movie about how those three new sports – including skateboarding – came to be Olympic sports. Seriously, it’s about 90 minutes. They’re going really in depth on the process, which is pretty cool. Is Tony Hawk involved in the film? Of course he is. You can watch the movie right above. It beats watching tug of war.

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