Yuto Horigome Makes Olympics History

The Japanese skater grabbed the gold

It’s happened. Skateboarding has made its debut as an Olympic sport. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing so far. The Tokyo park skateboarding course broke during Sora Shirai’s run, leading to a redo. However, we have now seen the first skateboarder to win a gold at the Olympics as well. Or, at least, the first skateboarder to win a goal for skateboarding. Shaun White has won Olympic gold for skateboarding, and maybe back in 1992 Charles Barkley was gleaming the cube. The men’s street event is in the books. American Nyjah Huston was arguably the favorite, but in the end Huston didn’t take home a medal.

Instead, the winner was a hometown – or rather home country – boy in Yuto Horigome. The Japanese skater became the first winner of a skateboarding gold at the Olympics, and fittingly he did it in Tokyo. Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler finished second, and in third place was an American, but Jagger Eaton instead of Huston. Did you miss Horigome in action? Do you want to see his gold-medal winning skills? You can check out the video above.

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