Yuto Horigome and Lil Wayne Hang Out and Skate

The Olympian and the rapper share a love of skating

Winning a gold medal at the Olympics can pay off in many ways. For example, it makes you more famous, and that means other famous people want to hang out with you. Japanese skater Yuto Horigome won gold at the Tokyo Olympics, the first skater to do so. What’s he up to now that he’s a gold medalist and one of the most-famous skaters in the world? He’s hanging out with Lil Wayne, of course.

Lil Wayne may be well past his heyday as a rap superstar – and he tried to play the guitar and totally sucked at it – but he’s still a true celebrity. He also loves sports and skateboarding. Lil Wayne is clearly enjoying hanging out with Horigome and doing a little skating. Want a glimpse at these two famous folks getting a hang in? Then check it out in the video above.

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