Why are Skateboarders so Opinionated?

The Passion Behind the Opinions

It's no secret that skateboarding, a vibrant subculture that thrives on creativity, freedom, and self-expression, has always been accompanied by a chorus of opinions. Whether you're navigating the city, tearing through skateparks, or participating in online communities, you'll quickly realize that skateboarders are a uniquely opinionated bunch. This phenomenon is deeply rooted in the culture's history, ethos, and the very nature of skateboarding itself.

A Culture of Individuality:

Skateboarding has long been a refuge for those seeking an alternative to mainstream norms. It's a culture built on the values of individuality, rebellion, and the pursuit of personal style. Skateboarders, by their very nature, are drawn to non-conformity and the freedom to express themselves on a board. This inherent individualism naturally extends to their opinions.

The Learning Curve:

Skateboarding is not for the faint of heart. The learning curve is steep, and every skater faces the same battles with the pavement, bruises, and the pursuit of mastering tricks. As skateboarders navigate this challenging journey, they develop a strong sense of identity tied to their unique experiences. This shared struggle fosters a passionate, tight-knit community where opinions are forged in the crucible of hard-won lessons.

Territorialism and Local Scenes:

Skateboarders are deeply connected to their local scenes. Each city, neighborhood, or skatepark carries its own identity, and skateboarders, along with their homies, are fiercely protective of their territories. This territorialism contributes to a sense of pride and belonging, further fueling the opinions that arise within these microcosms of the skateboarding world. Skaters develop a deep attachment to their local spots, parks, and the distinct flavor of their scene.

DIY Ethos:

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ethos is ingrained in skateboarding's DNA. Skaters often build their ramps, create their spots, and shape their own scene. This hands-on approach to the culture fosters a strong sense of ownership and pride. When skaters invest time and effort into crafting their skate environment, they naturally become more opinionated about what is and isn't authentic in their eyes.

Media and Representation:

Skateboarding's visibility in mainstream media has fluctuated over the years. When it's in the limelight, skateboarders are quick to voice their opinions about how their culture is portrayed. The authenticity of representation and the respect for the core values of skateboarding become crucial points of contention. Skaters often express their opinions to protect the integrity of their passion from commercialization and misrepresentation.


In the colorful world of skateboarding, opinions are not just shared; they are shouted, debated, and celebrated. The culture's rich history, emphasis on individuality, tight-knit communities, DIY ethos, and the ongoing struggle for authentic representation all contribute to the passionate and often opinionated nature of skateboarders. Embracing these diverse perspectives is what keeps skateboarding thriving, evolving, and forever true to its rebellious roots.

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