Eat Shit At This Crispy New Skatepark

This breakfast-themed skatepark has the whole town talking

In the small town of Pierce County, Washington, a new skatepark/art installation has become the talk of the town and mainstream press.

The park is comprised of a fried egg and a strip of bacon inside of a frying pan, and the whole thing is skateable. The skate installation is getting attention from the media as well as skaters for its creative art direction, and has become instantly iconic. 

The piece was made by 73-year-old art professor John Hillding, who formulated the idea after seeing the pump ramp at the town’s existing skatepark and being reminded of a strip of bacon. 

From there, Hillding raised $30,000 and contacted James Klinedinst, the project manager for Grindline Skateparks to bring his vision into reality.
Skaters can drop in on the handle of the pan, pump across some sunny-side-up eggs, carve around the edges of the pan and boost a trick off of the bacon strip. 

As Shooter McGavin would say, you can “eat shit” for breakfast at this skatepark…okay I’ll escort myself out.