Wanja Bach Quick Fire Q&A

All about his 24/7 Barcelona skate bubble

Let's just pretend you hear the name Wanja Bach for the first time and you're detached from the skate scene. Well, with a name like that you'd be forgiven for conjuring up an image (add some wild imagination) of some gung-ho adventurous freedom fighter in some exotic country faraway risking his life for the cause he believes is right.

Well, tbh you wouldn't be that far off because part-time Barcelona resident and rider Wanja is all of these things except he's not fighting anything. Except maybe the odd security guard and if you follow his well-documented shenanigans in South America and Spain, he undoubtedly ticks the freedom/adventure/risking his body boxes on the reg. 

DOSE SKATEBOARDING rolled up with the feisty German skater and tried to answer the question of all questions which is...uh we forgot. So we asked the easy ones instead!

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Yo Wanja! Whats YOUR perfect dose of skateboarding?

Definitely not every day! For me, the perfect dose is like 3-4 times a week. I always need some relaxing days to come back with my energy fully charged.

How is life treating you right now and how many sit-ups did you do today?

My life right now is treating me super good, I get blessed every day. Sit-ups today: 0, but normally every 2 days I do 50-100 pushups. Depends on my battery status, haha.

Big rewind. What key moment inspired you to start skating?

Pretty simple: I was about 8 - 9 years old when I first saw a halfpipe in my hometown with all the skaters, since that moment I got addicted,. Then I got my first board on my 9th birthday.

Can anything make you NOT want to skate?

I don't like skating with a hangover. 

Were stalking your IG account for that Barcelona vibe! What is your favorite thing to say in Spanish…and to eat…and to drink..and all the other stuff..pointers please (secrets safe with us and our 4 readers)?

My favorite thing to say: Un bocadillo de chorizo y un café con leche para llevar, por favor. This is my daily morning routine.

My favorite food would be Spanish tapas and Savta Bocadilleria. They are the best sandwiches in town.

My favorite drink depends on my mood - Negrita (when partying) - in general I prefer clean water or aqua de coco.

A good place to take time out would be going downhill inclusive which is a little mountain Montjuic near plaza Espana.

wanja bach

Your IG account category says Artist btw..why that?

Cause skateboarding is an art! 

Shoutout to your fave IG account and why!

 @mikey_whitehouse cause he is a G! 

Are you stuck in the skate bubble 24/7 or do you have a passion of other things outside of that?

I'm kind of stuck in the 24/7 skate bubble, but I'm more stuck in the 24/7 Barcelona bubble as well which includes all. 

Were suckers for a good cause..spread the word on your South America trip! 

Uff this trip was super funny!! Had one of the best times in my life. I spent 1.5 months in Colombia where we had a project there to build a mini ramp for the street kids in a little village, near the Caribbean coast. After I spent 1.5 months in Peru and the whole tour was so special and I will never forget it. Especially not the South American girls, haha.

Any controversial thoughts on the Olympics?

Hmm, not an easy topic. On the one hand it's good because skateboarding is getting more accepted in society however, on the other hand, it is kind of stupid. This is because skateboarding is rough and sticks in my mind daily on the streets, and streets will be always dirty. It’s not about doing drug tests when you just wanna skate a contest.

You got 3% power left on your fone, what trick do you clip?

Tailslide 270 heel has to be my favorite move.

Namedrop/shout outs, no holds barred. Go!

  • Dennis Ludwig for always filming and caring about me.
  • Hugo Blender for always hyping me up.
  • Phil Heise for being the best flatmate I could imagine.
  • Tim Kreuzer for always being down for everything.
  • Big kiss to Max Pasch and all my locals from my hometown.

And biggest thanks to my family who are always supporting me!

Thank you WANJA!!

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Photography: Thomas Gentsch

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